EDUCATION Small Library Project (SLP)
Michael Lapsley Foundation overreaching aim is to enable people to develop their ideas, knowledge and skills through literacy and reading, so they can take control of their lives and contribute to the development of their communities. Project Objective The objective of the project is to establish, equip, and promote school libraries in Ghana. The project focuses on the efficacy of providing opportunities for schools to have a library with up-to-date resources and trained staff to integrate library resources into the day-to-day curriculum of normal schooling. Project Strategy The project hopes to use the existing school infrastructure (library rooms) for the project. Under the project, the schools will be equipped with at least 1,000 assorted library books and other learning materials. The teachers will be trained in library management to integrate the library into the school curriculum using the African Library Project manual. Requirements Michael Lapsley Foundation and the African Library Project provide support to African schools/communities who meet the following requirements: • Local sponsorship - A mix of teachers, students and/or community leaders are committed to sponsoring a library through a library committee. • Facilities - There is a clean, dry, secure area with adequate shelving to display the books, and with easy access to borrowers. This can even be a couple of bookshelves in each classroom (recommended for primary schools).
• Leadership - Two or more people can be counted on to organize the books into a library and to train others to maintain and operate the library. • Borrowers - There is a community of beginning, intermediate and/or advanced English language readers who will actively use the library. What to Expect After your application, photos, and letters of committed support from community members are submitted to the Michael Lapsley Foundation, you can expect: Your application will be evaluated and any follow-up questions will need to be answered. If you library project is accepted, the African Library Project will pair your library with a book drive in the U.S. to collect approximately 1,000 high-quality, gently-used, age and reading level-appropriate books for your library. • Your library committee will use the ALP Library Action Plan to develop a plan customized for your community or school library.
•  The books will be shipped in large containers with all the libraries for Ghana shipped together at the same time. All books will be mailed by the book drive organizer to ALP’s shipping agent in New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA. Then the books will be loaded onto a container and shipped to Ghana. • Your library committee is responsible for getting the books from Tema to the library location in your area. Once the books have arrived, you will have THREE weeks to pick them up from Tema.
• With your library, you will receive an excellent ALP Manual book. This is published by the ALP specifically to help volunteers and new librarians organize libraries in developing countries.
• Michael Lapsley Foundation will offer workshops in basic library management to help you turn your library into a vibrant learning center. Basic Education Needs (Ben Project) The BEN Project is geared towards those who cannot provide for their wards the basic educational needs such as pencils, pens, makers, Crayola, writing books, mathematical sets, white canes, frames, signature frames, Braille papers, computers, used clothing, wheelchairs, crutches, walking aids, hearing aids, , shoes and blankets among others. We conduct research and solicit for humanitarian support for the needy and marginalized groups of children and youth in Ghana.
Youth Mentorship Programs (YMP) In today competitive, dynamic, knowledge based economy, there are many issues mitigating the forward match of young person’s especially those in rural Ghana .The issues confronting young persons in our community includes lack of self-worth or self-confidence, lack of consistent role models in their lives, subject choices, Career choices, lack of courage, sexual and health matters , leadership skills. The program will address the critical issues confronting our young persons. The Objective of the programme is to empower, inspire and challenge young person’s to cultivate the skills, the tools and the mind set for personal and leadership development. The programme is organized annually in a form of youth camps etc.
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